family pic

family pic

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


does the look on this kids face worry you? well its throwing me through some challenges thats for sure. boys are HARD! especially when there are 6 of them all together!

better late then never a little tribute to the little man in my life who just turned 7!

stock - thanks for being a rock, consistent and strong. for always being the first kid to say i love you and hug me, for being so boy yet so in touch with your emotions. for being a spitting image of your father in looks and behaviors, it reminds me of why i love you both so much. for lifting the heavy stuff, unloading the groceries, taking out the garbage, bringing it in, smelling like a boy, keeping your room a mess, complaining that your bored ... well all the good and the bad, i will take it all. i wouldnt want to live one day on this earth without you kid!

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