family pic

family pic

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

whats getting me through ...

so patience is not my virtue ... yet. I am trying to make it one but its hard. I dont like the unkown and as i anxiously await information from USC docs (that i know they have) i am fighting hard to be patient. our whole lives sort of hinge on this right now. we cant book work, or commit to anything fun or obligatory, we dont know if or when saylor will go to kindergarten, and all sorts of other reasons and things. Many of you have been anxious for an update that we promised this week and its coming .. I hope. so whats getting me through today ....

RAIN - oh how i am enjoying it today. it has me in the best of mood! odd considering i know. i love the rain, always have. it makes me feel cozy. this year has been the strangest year for weather! i am kind of liking it though! have not turned on the air conditioner yet at all nor the flower cooler, the room is cold enough. love having the windows open etc... it feels so fresh! i love that today for the most part i can sort of just chill. little bit of work but not much and a little bit of get the to do list done but not much. just a good rainy day!

this CD has been on replay all day ... it accentuates my mood. its one of my favs but i havent listened in some time i had gotten sick of it. it brings smiles today.

homemade hot caramel popcorn ... need i say more!

last but nowhere near least ... these beautiful spirits dwelling mostly at home today!


The O'Briens said...

I HATE the unknown. That's so hard. Hoping and praying for you guys. I love your favorite things. Rain and Jack Johnson are my bestest friends too! Love your guts.

The Chic Chef said...

Are your kids the cutest or what?! They must get it from thier hot parents. Can I have some of that carmel corn?