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Friday, July 11, 2008

another media review ....

ok ok i know your all thinking what is happening to audrey? does she have a life? what is going on. i am not sure either .... just on a wave i suppose that hasnt tunneled out. perhaps its some sort of coping method or some sort of nesting, get all that i want to get in .. in right now, before my life and emotions get rocked upside down!

anyhow its what i have to write about right now so just enjoy my reviews and quit worrying!

read this in one day ... today! it was just what i needed and oh sooooo soooo sooo good! i loved this one! a good friend of mine recommended this author and i picked up what i could that was available at the library. this happens to not be one of her favorites but i just couldnt put it down i loved it! great writing style that just keeps you enchanted and wondering. raw could be real life! i cant help but see a little of my messed up self in all these disfunctional families. it reminds me that I AM and WE are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT and i am so happy to be that way. so need a good read? Lynn Austin check her out!

Yesterday while driving around on my many many company errands and a visit to a friends i listened to this book on tape. thank you library. so i really like self help kind of books on areas i really need to improve in my life. but truth is i wont read them ... they dont hold my attention. i would so much rather be reading or doing something else. its frustrating cause i want to improve. then i discovered that these are the kind of things i need to listen to ... and i really get it that way anyhow! so i have been trying to brush up on my (our) financial skills and change some of the ways we handle money and learn a little more about investing etc... so dave ramsey who my friend led me to (same one that led me to jane austin ... isnt she a GEM? seriously! ang has been my bestest friend (next to nate) for many many years and i love her dearly ... she always knows what i need when i need even if she doesnt know that she knows!) k so back to dave ramsey so i decided to pick up what i could on tape or CD and give a listen. finished this whole one yesterday, laughed a lot, learned a lot and definatly benefited ... everyone could benefit from a listen to this! even though i do know i have a few friends in financial denial that i am sure would only be angered by this .... how can i thump you on the head gently enough to wake you up?

one of his best pieces of advice .... "never do anything with your money or invest money in something you dont understand!"

watched this with my darling storie kate on wed afternoon. i was pleasantly surprised that my 8 year old little girl sat through this somewhat boring film that could be hard to understand (it was for me!) with all its sophisticated classic novel kind of speaking. that being said, i enjoyed it. it gave me new perspective into the writings of jane austin and also that heart melting moment was still there. i am always ready for a good love story.

i did finally finish this one up but it was a bit hard to get through. i dont know if i just wouldnt have liked it any old time or if for now it was just to hard for me. also had a bit of unnecessary language, not too much but a bit! ok well any at all is too much i guess! so its about a girl sick with acute kidney failure and her family and how they all deal with it. its a novel, but still. hard to read right now. in the end i wasnt to thrilled with the book overall. its not a good read dont waste your time.

k so other than that what have we been up to ... well just summer time, house work, studio stems work, yard work, mom work, money work, etc... kids have been busy getting dirty, riding bikes, swimming, riding horses, catching movies with the grents etc... nate has had some down time this week and i have loved having him around. but i think he may be sick of my nose stuck in a book and he is bored. he has run out of projects and jobs to do around here ... at least that dont require money because i wont let him spend that right now! ha ha

i recently got hired on to be a design consultant for a seattle based interior design firm. its by project by hour ... good gig. came at just the right time as i cant handle doing weddings while saylor is sick. so i hope it will bring in a little extra cash flow in my down time.

thats the jist the coming week is a bit crazy with ward parties, nate and i going to girls camp and me speaking so needing to get that done ... jeeeez! and then saylors tests and meetings with docs at the end of next week. i am anxious to get to that day. isnt weird how you picture what you might feel like or look like on that day, what the ride home might be like? that day you know where the life of one of your children will be discussed. its very sureal but i am anxious to get done with it.


Danielle said...

I think Dave Ramsey is great, I have read one of his books and listen to his radio show often. It's great advice, and a great plan to follow and work toward.

Natalie said...

So I couldn't check out any Lynn Austin, you must have had them all :) I like the reviews though because I'm always on the hunt for another good read.
What are you doing up at girls' camp?
I had another question but I can't remember. Oh well. Good luck with all the doctor things. I can understand the need for a good escape (read) if you've got all that stuff coming up.