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family pic

Monday, July 7, 2008

movie review

so last week you got my little book review and since life is a bit to brazen right now for me to speak of i think i will stay amongst the shallow topics. this last weekend we rented a few flics.

first ...

VANTAGE POINT - for all you 24 lovers out there this one will catch you at first. Nate & I love the 24 series. we really liked this movie it was a good one ... that is until the last 10 minutes. it ended predictably but worse than that was how abrupt it finished. it felt so weird like the movie was unfinished. like they ran out of time. it left me so disappointed.

second ...

ELIZABETH - this one will go down on my list of all time favorites. what a well done film , great acting, great scenery, great makeup & hair, exquisite costuming, great history ... over all a GREAT movie! i loved it. i felt for the queen, i longed for her to have love. i respected her wisdom, her courage, her strength. her realness in spite of being who she was. her portrayal of feelings. that time period just simply fascinates me how political life was and the way in which all things were accomplished.

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Kimmy said...

Hey! We just watched Vantaqe Point too. Jay about turned it off when it kept starting over and telling it from someone elses point of view.I agree with the ending. Way too predictible and hurried.Glad I only paid $1 from a red box to watch it!haha