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family pic

Monday, July 28, 2008

hmmm what to call this post???

this post is just a mumbo jumbo of random unrelated things going on and reviews of the usual books and flicks.

to start off with ... the boys annual snake river trip

so one of the things i really admire about nate is how tight he is with his friends, loyalty, camaraderie and support. these boys have been friends for years longer than i can count now that they all have reached an older age .... they have been friends since their kiddo days! every year just the boys (no wife's no kids) go on a trip and for the past few years its been to run the snake river. this is nate, devan, boogie, and garrett on the beach.

a little camera man swapping ....

usually there are 8-10 of these strapping 30 something lads ... this year only 6 made it. barrett, kevon, devan, boogie, nate, and garrett. Nate said this year was the funnest by far and wished that his other buddies had made it. the river and the rapids are very high and they ended up making a dangerous 3 o'clock in the morning full moonlight river run. you know what they say, if you have a boy you have half a brain and 2 boys is no brain at all .... so 6 of them and trouble is the only thing i can think of. i am so glad they all came home in one piece.

so how priceless are the looks on my kids faces? nate and i are trying to cram in some good quality time with the kids and a few things that we wanted to do this summer ... like fishing. the kids had a ball and thank goodness they have a dad to teach them the stuff of the earth!

its times like these in our life that i realize how busy we get and how quick we loose sight of whats important and how we should be living all of the time .... why does it take a deadline of life in the balance for us to actually do what we say we will with our kids? we need to be better about this!

k so here is a blog that is a must read .... its the best piece of satire ever blogged click here

book i read this last week ...

its a good one peeps! k so its a mystery novel ... brilliantly written! there is nothing more interesting and complex then a secret or secrets for that matter. the inside jacket reads "The thirteenth tale is a love letter to reading, a book for the feral reader in all of us, a return to that rich vein of storytelling."

A CALL OUT ... so i tend to read a lot in the hospital. not much can be done other than staring out your sick child. so i am not one to comb over the library in search of something that may or may not be good and may or may not be a waste of my time. so people send me via email or comment on this blog a list of your favorite reads ... it would be best if they were more a good escape type literature so that i can leave the hospital room if only in my mind. and dont make me make this call out twice! you say you want to HELP ... i am telling you how!

next movies i have recently seen ....

yep we jumped on this bandwagon! its not like nate and i to take the whole fam to a full price movie, its too $$$. we hit the dollar movies often (or at least the kids and i do, sometimes nate joins us.) when we do its usually a special occasion and it happens rarely. we actually attempted to hit the dollar prince caspien on the weekend but of course it was sold out just our luck. i was really in the mood for a movie and at least 4 different families with kids at comparable ages told us to go and to take the kids. so what did i think? well lets address the kid aspect first. these friends were wrong i totally felt this was way to much for the kids! i kept trying to cover eyes and i felt anxious and concerned and had it just been me i probably would have taken them out but nate just looked at me like i was being a silly overprotective, over reactive mom. did the kids like it? yeah they loved it! i dont know if thats a good thing however. saylor now wants to marry batman even more then before! so what did i think of the movie ... a little too dark and twisted for my rave review but the special effects where fantastic and heath ledger did a great job playing someone i now loath. i loved morgan freeman and christian bale does do a fantastic job and just is so smooth! it was good overall and the ending brought it back the traditional super hero underlying good principal. i give it like almost 4 stars for me not so much for the kiddos even though they would disagree.

next ...

its so hard to wrap my own weak mind around that there are people out there in this world that smart! good movie ... very interesting and entertaining a bit slow here and there but overall a good flick about a past time game with future attributes!

thats it for tonight ... until next time.


The Belliston's said...

Hey! I want to read that 13th Tale book when we go on vacation next month! Did you check it out a library or buy it? I am excited to read it. I am glad you liked it! It was good seeing you last night!

The Torgersen's said...

Audrey I love you. You keep me interested and always entertained.