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Thursday, November 6, 2008

do you want or no?

its already all around us, swiftly sneeking in. i dont mind at all. you know me i start holiday decor pretty earlier for my most fav times of year and as soon as hallow finishes up my music and candles come out as i warm up to the season, i love it so much that i want it to last as long as possible so i start early rather then hope for a enduring feeling afterwards. i love that this time of year cuts me down to my roots and what i believe and it sort of encourages me to wear that a little bolder on sleeve. not to say that i am not a more emotional person then most, i am.

this will no doubtly be one of my most fav all time xmas albums and perhaps the fav of the 08 season. its sooooo good. i have been listening almost non stop for 3 days. its very comforting and warm with a good mix of some traditional stuff done the sara way and also some very very sara stuff. i love it so much, its soo me.

Saylor is home sick, she went from fine to respiratory distress in like 0-60 seconds in the middle of the night. she is barking and struggling to breath. back on the breathing treatments and praying that we can avoid our yearly tradition of respiratory hospitalizations. this cd is getting me through.

so i have a question for you stock the holland blog stalkers ... how many of you enjoyed the halloween decor series and want it for christmas? do you really care? do you want it or not? need to know! now!


Kimmy said...

YES! We want it!! I loved all your ideas and creativity!!

littlefox said...

ok, so as you know I became a stalker a little late to take advantage of any of the Halloween ideas, but I would love Christmas ones!! And I can't wait to check out that cd.

Engrained Emotions said...

oh my, I am so much like you. I love the holidays, and would love to see what you do for decor. Your taste in music is so much like mine. Actually, I am a music lover, it is the one thing that can change my mood in a moment.

Good luck with Saylor. Zach had respiratory issues. He would get a runny nose, and the next day have pneumonia. It took about 10 years to out grow it!

Oh the days of longs croopy barking nights.


Jessie Evans said...

I love love loved the Halloween decor series, and Jason and I are buying a house soon so I'll FINALLY have my own place to decorate!!

The Chic Chef said...

I might be as much of a Christmas junkie as you are! I savor every second of this time of year. Christmas decor goes up a week from Tuesday and lights are already on outside. Everyone is making fun right now but I know you understand. Can't wait to see all the great ideas waiting to pop out of you!

The Fraser's said...

I want it! Audrey, you should know by now that when it comes to decor, I live vicariously through your talents!

The Torgersen's said...

Yes yes yes!

The O'Briens said...

Is this even a question? Of course you need to show us your talent! I love love love that CD. I may just need to pull it out today. Miss you tons. Hope Saylor can get over this sicknes soon.