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Friday, November 21, 2008

twilight spoiler!

so its done, its out! I dare say that me and my 6 other almost 30 or 30 something friends attended the midnight showing of twilight this morning. i have to admit i felt really out of place amongst thousands of twilight freaks and 12-15 year olds, none the less this was a first and probably last for me. I had fun, dont get me wrong, i had a blast! was it the fun i anticipated ... no it was better! i havent laughed that long & hard in a movie since napoleon dynamite, but wait napoleon was supposed to be funny! this movie is a humongeous barrel of laughter thanks to the nearly spoof like special effects, makeup, and acting! what a huge disappointment! the lost opportunity on hollywoods part just kills me, yet makes me smile, i love it! what a great laugh! is it worth seeing? not unless its a the dollar movie or your in a napoleon kind of mood! i guess maybe if your 10 and under you would buy all the fakeness this not well done film exudes. poor poor stephenie meyer, girl you should never have sold those movie rights! my friends and i could have helped you film a better version!


Rebekah said...

Audrey! I am so glad we went and saw it. I needed a good deep belly laugh. And that movie delivered. It delivered MANY of them.

Kimmy said...

Haha! I feel the same way! I saw it at midnight! It so wasn't worth losing sleep over!! I couldn't believe how low budget it was and the make-up was terrible!! I laughed so hard to! Maybe I over analyzed it. I was expecting something so much better!! Those special affects...LOL WOW

The Torgersen's said...

Oh, Audrey!! Terrell and I went t the midnight showing on Thursday too before we left to come to Utah and I totally felt the same way! The quality sucked big time, I just wonder what the next ones will be like.