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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i need some black magic 4 black friday

people do this every year on black friday morning. every year they line up a little earlier too! i have yet to do this, in fact i really have yet to shop on this blessed black day. for the last four years i have wanted too though, not sure why? could be the influence of my wacky sis in law! love you heather! so the first year i wanted to i was sick with walking pneumonia, the next year strep, the next year we were out of town etc... so i do kind of want to do it this year, but mostly because there are a few key items i would like to get the kiddos that i am hoping to get a deal on. but really is the deal worth the headache? the early hours, the crowds, the risk? speaking of the risk ... holy macoroni i am going mad wondering when and how i should buy these few key items, when will i get the best deal? how do you make that call? we are keeping christmas simple and small this year with a few key items each kid and thats it. but it seems more difficult to accomplish then ever before ... whats up with that? so we need an ipod, and a ds or gameboy so if anyone has inside info or outside, either way please share .... any secrets to managing black friday? hints etc... please do share!

2morrow morning stock finally will see an ENT. i am looking forward to hopefully getting some answers about his missing voice. we are going on 7 weeks now about. how can that be normal? it surely is not and i want some answers!


Engrained Emotions said...

Oh I have suggestions for beating the croud. First off, NEVER wait in a line like that. Lindz and I have done this a couple years.

We wait in our car until a couple minutes before they open the door, then we wait cautiously. When they open the doors there is mad rush. That is when we crowd in. It always works. We have successfully been one of the first tweny ppl in.

As for finding the deals,here is a web site that proclaims to be in the "know" for black friday deals.

good luck.

Kimmy said...

Hey! I usually go the day after but I've never been after the really sought after big deals. I plan it out by which stores open first. I hit walmart cause they open at 5, then head to target who opens at 6 and then hit the mall. For your ipod go to and get a refurbished one. You can get a shuffle for 39 bucks or the 4gb nano for 79 bucks. They still come with the year warranty and everything. I bought one for Lexie and she has never had a problem with it. Good luck!!

The O'Briens said...

ha ha. I just posted how excited I was on my blog for this big event. Yes, I am crazy. Bummer we can't do it together. Go get a paper on Thanksgiving day and they will have ALL the ads. Good luck. And if you can go with someone else, it's good cause then one person can go stand in line to pay while you shop and then you switch. Love your guts.