family pic

family pic

Sunday, June 28, 2009

stock the rock

yesterday my little stock got baptised. it was a joyous event. with all the commotion of sort of out of sorts life as of late it didnt feel like the big to do that i wanted it to. i was sure i was forgetting something and that we werent prepared enough. but the day went off without a hitch and was a very spirtual unique day. we really like our new bishop and our new ward and they were really supportive of the whole deal and did so much to help us out and make it run smooth. at storie's baptism in orem we did things the "new" way where its like a stake affair and there is "supposed" to be more focus on the ordinance and not on each child specifically etc. there is no personal program and what not. Stocks was the "old Skool" way and i think that is much more suited to our family and i think brings a lot more attention to the ordinance and creates better stronger memories for the kid. again just my opinion and what do i know anyway.

stock is just a clone of nate. in every way. the older he gets the more like his dad he becomes. sometimes this is difficult for me to take. they make more testosterone then 5 dudes. but yesterday i found some pretty immense gratitude for the two most important boys in my life. i am so proud of them both and my love for them is deeper then i can fathom. i looked over at him and nate during the program and just felt such an overwhelming flood of emotion surge through, so grateful for the boys/men that they are and for my sweet little family. most of the time i think i am doing a horrible job at all this, but yesterday i thought ...ok i am not doing to bad. it felt good.

the program was delightful and both grandmas gave talks. David & valerie took time out of their really busy schedules to come sing for us and i got to hold sweet baby saffron while they sang, i feel such gratitude for great friends and family. music brings such an amazing spirit. aside from the actual baptism i have to say that the most spiritual part was provided by my sweet storie kate. she has been practicing "i am a child of God" on the violin and she did a supberb job playing it. she has more musical talent and ability then nate & i combined. ok more then nate, stock, saylor & I combined :) but when she finished she started to cry and told stock in front of everyone how proud of him she is and how much she loves him. i was really suprised, we all were! and holy moly so hard not to cry. she is so mature and so my emotional daughter, motivated by feelings and relationships and i am so flippin proud of her for being who she is and not holding back!

i also had my sweet little meera this weekend for help with a wedding and the kids while her parents where away in idaho. Neena & meera are just my little sisters in every way, my little buds. i love having them around. everyone at church mistakes them for my daughters (i am not old enough either! but whatev)

i worked all day friday on my only studio stems event for the month of june for a great client kate cowan. so come the end of the baptism back to work i went and up to log haven for a fun but stressful filled time crunch event set up. wait arent they all pretty much like that? yes well ok. then back home to check on the working hub a run to the ever so highly frequented home depot. and picked up a few flicks for some R&R with Meera.

but before my move to movie reviews ... i know i know i know your all waiting for promised pictures on the house and wanting to know how the progress is going. im sorry im sorry im sorry. i promised that a week or so ago. i just have worked my little hinny/fingers/legs and every other part to the bone that i just havent had the energy to post about it. sounds silly i know but its true. so here is a written update that will have to hold you off till i can remember to take my camera to the house, then bring it back to Lo's then download it then then then.

all the plumbing/electical rough updates are finished. we are starting to do sheetrock repair and texture. next will be shelve and finish work, then painting. and then so much after that. but we are getting there slow but sure. i have picked up a killer new fridge, a dishwasher, some chairs for the kitchen, lighting, ordered the front door, painted/updated two chandeliers (almost, and a few other things. i managed to texture two sealings by myself and came home covered in sheet rock mud. nate textured another two and never got one drop on him!

ok so movie review
rented "the boy in stripped pajamas" and watched at the end of all this last night. its one of those movies that haunts and stays with you. profound cinematography, and fantastic at that. sort of a shindlers list feel. so deep and strong. so real. so sad. gives you the pit. you know the one. but i think its necessary to know, to not forget.

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The O'Briens said...

Stockton is a stud. I wanted to cry when I saw that cute little grin and read your post. Wish we could've been there. What a sweet little Storie. Thanks for sharing the pics and day. We love you guys!