family pic

family pic

Monday, September 14, 2009

heads up!

so thought you might like to see the good old home made headboards up in the girls room. they are identical and their bedding is identical so i figured to not inundate you with too many pictures of the same thing! they love their room and its perfectly girly in a non cheezy manner. am i 100% thrilled with its overall turnout? well no i am designer duh! but happy enough.

update: nate is busy still with the house we are working on the exterior still and its a slow going thing that is taking way longer then we anticipated. he is also busy with service hours for wildlife, EQ, stocks private wrestling couching that already started, his own football team, stocks football team, and of course football in general.

me: well ... lets just not go there.

storie: is deep into some extra curriculeeeers and busy busy, healthy and happy.

stock: is mvp on his team. so his dad, natural athlete with natural talent and sport understanding. he intercepts, blocks, and touch downs more then any other team mate. he is healthy and happy as well. doing well in school and is a great protector and watch keeper of the girls. mr popularity as always.

saylor: we are still working out lots of kinks at school. some have been really painful to address or rather to hear about, like the PE teacher who wasnt sure of her capability or how to adapt to her so rather then ask she sits her in a corner alone. she is having anxiety issues about school and fights us pretty hard to not go. she has very real stomach problems as a result of this anxiousness. on top of that she started having head aches last week and her back is now hurting. this very well could be indicative of something we knew might be coming but had hoped it wasnt ... tethered cord. headed to pcmc on friday for apts with the team and some scans. just when we thought we were done for the year.

in the midst of some difficult things some really great and fun things have come and gone and been experienced. we are planning a trip that we are extatic about (just so long as we dont find ourselves at an extended pcmc stay) and i am getting excited for an SF trip in november. our neens got hit by a car on her scooter last week ... that made my heart jump for a few days. she seems ok but a little beaten up. the house feels more and more like us and like home. i just got called into YW and am excited to work with the young hot ones. i am working on just letting the bad/negative things fade into the background. they seem to be out of my control anyhow.

next post .... a few things vintage i kept!


Amber Schmidt said...

LOVE the bedrooms! My heart breaks to hear about the TC... been there done that... got the postcard (er... scar) to prove it.

The TC surgery was one of the hardest on Ky. She bounced back well but the pain level afterward was awful... she ended up in ICU because they underestimated her pain.

Huge hugs to you as you embark on this new leg of the journey. If you ever need to talk PLEASE know I am here! (which we DO need to talk btw... its been WAY too long!)

Sarah said...

How long are you in SF? Because we are only 1hr. 45 mins or less south from there, maybe you could come and we could treat you to a day at the Aquarium. Really let me know because I will work on getting some passes for your family.