family pic

family pic

Sunday, September 6, 2009

midway through outside reno .... ok not quiet mid

so you may remember that the exterior of our home looked like this ....

now it looks like this ....

in prep for exterior reno the bushes/shrubs and everything else that accompanied the front walls of this great place have been removed. yes it looks a little naked. we think its an improvement. older neighbors differ in opinion. nate has started to treat and paint the brick. the painting will occur in several stages and 3 different colors for 3 different exterior parts. but its moving along. there are still a few inside odds and ends to finish up. isnt that always the case though? i took 5 packed car loads to DI this week and no i did not want to get rid of all that stuff but this house is just to small to accomidate it. and then there is the garbage ... oh the garbage. a few trailer loads of that and a now overflowing normal garbage can outside with 8 bags of pine needles from the front yard next to it. 3 trailer loads of yard waste have also been hauled away .... oh the work goes on.

this weekend has been so spectacular as we settle into our own more stable routine in a more stable environment. kids are doing well. there continues to be kinks in saylors school life that need some working through and cause a little heart twinge here and there. but she gets through like she always does. nates sister nichole was in town this week with her two little girls and the kids had a riot hanging out together. many fun things attended. stock had his first few football games and is like his dad .. natural athlete. we all knew that right? and storie performed in a violin recital. good week. good week.

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Sarah said...

Don't worry old people don't like any change. It's looking so nice! I'm excited to see more!