family pic

family pic

Thursday, September 3, 2009

isnt the front door appropriate

ok peeps. i have internet back. not my desktop but at least my laptop. i prefer them each for different things and i prefer the desktop for editing photos and therefor for blogging :) so your all curious right? well the move went fast and furious. there are still some things that need to be shifted and exchanged from storage and lo's etc.. but the mass majority is done. the house house is mostly settled but studio stems area is chaos. it overwhelms me big time. but i will just chip away i suppose. we have huge piles of DI stuff to account for lack of space. a brand new TOTO overflowed, we still live in a fishbowl and it has proven that window coverings are my greatest house enemy. nothing we seem to attempt in that regards works and even one curtain rod tried to kill us while playing old maid with the kiddies on monday night. phone lines are trouble, lights have been trouble, decorate drawer fell apart, sink pipes gave way, the washer pipe got clogged with bread (if you know plumbing this doesnt sound as silly as it does to the rest of you) ... oh the list goes on. i am near tears at how many little things keep popping up. when will it ever stop? i am anxious to get organized and get things established, cleaned up and working so we can start reno on the exterior ... its just so ugly. i can see the potential but can you? i am looking for the patience i planted but i think the family of like 100 quails that live in my yard ate it all!

i thought i would start to share the new abode with one feature/area etc... at a time!

so this is the interior view of the front door. (cause the exterior view ruins the door seriously it looks like it doesnt belong and it doesnt right now!) the door and the colors are so far what we get the most compliments on. the door was custom made by meadow wood doors off a design that i came up with based on a few pics i liked .. that we all saw earlier this year on this blog. it was a big budget breaker but it was worth it. its a key piece that really accentuates what i was trying to create. a door a key ... so symbolic of so much.

update on kiddos .... saylor has had both some bowell and bladder issues in the last week. something we werent anticipated and once again i naively thought we were out of the woods. but i suppose those moments were i let myself let it go get me through so its ok i am not gonna beat it up. she is doing ok now. kids are doing well at school and saylor's issues are working themselves out and they are getting used to her. one kid told me that she is "most popular"!


Amber Schmidt said...

That door is truly fabulous!

Natalie said...

Love the door. Seriously. I'm scared to ask how much it was because when we eventually move, that is the door I would love to greet me each day :)

Darla said...

That door is such an eye catcher. It totally makes the statement that I think you were trying to make.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.