family pic

family pic

Thursday, September 10, 2009

parting with my heart

remember this great vintage couch i got from grandmas .... well though i have held on tight truth be told it just wont work in this small house. it just wont. it saddens my heart but i cant think of what to do with it that makes me have peace so i am contemplating a parting. i really want someone to have it that appreciates it a great deal. so you photog friends .. good find for shoots! so you family members on the murphy side got room? and if your not family please contact me via email or post comment with a bid of what your willing to pay! oh breaking .. breaking ... but ok.

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Sarah said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! No you can't! I will just die! I love that and you should not have to part with it! I hope someone will be able to store/use it until one day your able to have it. Please keep me updated on what happens to it, because I will be thinking about it all the time....and I'm not kidding.