family pic

family pic

Saturday, September 22, 2007

emma's wedding

recently emma tobler got married (basically my little sister.) of course i did all the flowers and a lot of the decor so check out my company blog if you want to see more of that. dancin was not as happening as it was at carries non the less my family was some of the few that took advantage, with the exception of me. yes that is my little brother in there and my parents and a few of nate. nothing sweeter than memories. stock looks so cute chillin with his dad. he looks so much older with hair and i love it! especially when he lets me mohawk it, which isnt very often. he just is soooo cute. emma & nate's getaway car wasnt a car at all it was a helicopter. getaway was intense and fun for everyone and oh so emma, over the top! it was a blast!

we are all doing well just busy with studio stems for me but coming into a quieter time that i will welcome with open arms and some much needed time off (especially with surgery coming.) nate is getting ready for the muzzle load hunt. he will be gone from tuesday on is my understanding. pray that he will get a deer fast! we are also still in the thick of what i call "nate's season" hunting, playing football, watching football on TV non stop, and of course going to byu football. today is one of those days. stockton is doing really well in school, he has been a challenge for me where storie is just smart beyong her years. but we are figuring out how he works. of course storie is her usualy smart and advanced self. she recently told her teacher, "you know i just love the book of mormon, and you know what i love more? the way my dad tells the stories. you know i can just understand it better, he's so good at it!" saylor decided she wants a boa constrictor and she wants to be one for halloween now. so that covers the bases for this week.

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