family pic

family pic

Sunday, September 23, 2007


i am sure that not more than one person on this earth finds this adorable and that one person is me! saylor feel asleep in a dress up and she just looked so cute. her legs and feet naked in this tutu just reminded me of what being a little girl is all about and i couldnt resist getting a few shots in. not to mention soon those legs and peds will not be visable to our eyes for a few weeks. i rememberr the first time we did a set of serial casting and how sad i was to loose her tiny little clubbed feet. to me they were perfect and i loved her just the way she was. i didnt want to change her imperfect perfection. this time isnt as hard now that i see how much the function would benefit her but i still feel a little twinge of that.


Natalie said...

She is cute Audrey. You really do take beautiful pictures. When it comes time for their wedding videos, they will all have a hard time deciding which ones to put in! I wish you luck with her surgery. I can't imagine how hard that would be to put your child through. She seems like a strong mature child so that is good. Let me know if you need babysitting or anything when the time comes.

The O'Briens said...

What a cutie! Those are pricelss pics. We miss you guys! Heard Nate killed his bucko tonight! Hooray for you all. Now you'll have somewhat of your husband back. Love you guys.