family pic

family pic

Thursday, September 27, 2007

horses & deer ... hmmmmm

well I will start with the girls horseback riding .... their new passion. storie she is a natural comfortable and cute, learns fast and smart. she was galloping with her arms out like an airplane balancing all on her own, mind you this was the first lesson. i think she has found her niche. saylor, look really close at the picture of just saylor on harry the horse and you will see the happiest face in the whole world. i love animals much more than nate but i dont have this weird very spooky connection with them like her. i think this might also be her niche and i cant help but want to buys saylor one of these theraputic animals for her. oh boy what that would get me into. seriously i think a minature might be perfect for her. i will keep dreaming and maybe someday!

onto the hunt. yesterday was the first day of the muzzleloader hunt. because nate is a dedicated hunter he hunts most hunts. its confusing i know. anyhow he bought himself a new muzzleloader played with it all afternoon then headed to the cabin in the evening to hunt. i serioulsy know few men as spoiled as this one! around 8:30 i talked to him and found him to be on his way home with a 4 point. the best thing is that this saves me from weeks of widowness. and of course my hubby is really happy. he got home pretty late and i couldnt help getting my son out of bed at midnight to share is this cool father son man boy thing. for you hunting skeptic tree huggers out there. i didnt grow up in a hunting family so this is foreign to me even after 10 years of marriage i just dont get it. but serioulsy we would be over run by animials and the problems that come with them if there werent hunts. lets not forget that someday we might be relying on these trusty knowledgable hunters to survive .... its possible. so i am not to opposed, but i am also not thrilled about the skinless gutless deer hanging in my garage. hope it goes to the locker soon! good job nate!


The O'Briens said...

GOOD JOB NATE!!! That is so awesome that he got one so quick. I bet you are happy. Aaron is still going to go hunting here. I forget how excited the two of them get about hunting. Too bad we don't live by each other in fall. Football and hunting=husbandless. Those pics of the girls are darling. That is so fun that they are doing this. Are they taking them at Melville? Too cute!

Natalie said...

I think I would pass out if there was a dead deer hanging in my garage! You are a good wife Audrey. Even though there are man things I don't understand, it's always fun to see them so excited about something. That is exciting they are taking riding lessons. How could anyone not love that!

Kathy Howell said...

Happy Birthday Nate. I was thinking about you today, and then I turned on my computer and got this fantastic blog about your birthday party and your very special family. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us. Nate and Audrey, I admire you both so much and your children are truly so gorgeous. Our prayers will be with Saylor on the 9th. Please let us know how everything goes. Love, Aunt Kathy