family pic

family pic

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


so i know some of you out there are waiting to here what the fall brings for our family surgically. then again i am not sure really anyone reads this blog so maybe this is just for me .... oh well.

clinic took us by surprise when the first doc who walked in was saylors orthopedic surgeon who has been consistent in his decision to wait to correct her feet deformities any farther until her feet become bigger, suddenly decides now is the time. ok .... well, not what i planned. so bone fusing, pinning, ligament slicing, tendon releasing, and whatever else he has planned will occure on october 9th and will follow with a few months of casts as expected. saylor has never been old enough during surgery to really express herself so i think this will be interesting. easier in some ways and much harder in others. she also i think will grow furstrated pretty rapidly that movement is inhibited for the time being and wether she likes her chair or not she will have to use it.

as for her bladder surgery .... well the docs still think its would be better to wait until spring which is not the best time for us to do it considering i can make the most money in spring and summer. but for now we will just wait and make that decision later. so next year it looks like. we also found out a lot more about this surgery and the risks that come with it, more particularly the long term ones and they are not good. so i think we need the time to sit on it a while.

she is upset that she wont be getting big girl panties anytime soon but she understands that she must be 5 first. she is seeminly handling all the info we give her and seems ready for surgery. i know that day will come and just like when clinic comes she suddenly is not ok with going anymore. so pray for her and for us as i know you all do anyway.

we lost a spina bifida friend this last week. this has been hard for me as a mother. jamie was one of the strongest people i have ever known. his parents have been true supporters and friends to nate and i and amazing examples of strength. we will miss you jamie and we love you!


Cindy said...

I know what you mean about those suprise surgeries they bring up at Clinic. I'm sure Saylor will do great. Seems like it's always the parents that have the harder time with surgery!! Kids go through with flying colors and us parents are basket cases. Hang in there!!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend! I know that is sad. I will pray that you and Jamie's family can find peace.

The O'Briens said...

Best of luck with the surgery.Wish we could be there to support. We are thinking of you guys and praying often. We Love you.