family pic

family pic

Monday, April 28, 2008

happy 5th b-day saylor jae

How do i even begin paying tribute to this VERY sacred & very tattered angel in my life? i am not even sure where to begin. saylor turned 5 at 3 something this morning. its hard to believe we have made it through 5 years. we dont live for the future with her, we live in the now, and now she is 5!

saylor has wanted a pig for months and months. a few of you thought for sure without a doubt nate and i would give in and get her one, probably because you know there isnt much we wouldnt do for her! so this is what she got. i dont make cake, for those that know me i dont really even cook and i am a store bought b-day cake mom. so this was my first shot, not so bad? it was dang good tasting! made from scratch! yahoooo! she also got many other pig things ... but no real live breathing pig!

love this last pic of my mom ... its a good one!

10 of the hundreds of reason i love this child

1. her big blue full of spirit eyes
2. the darling things she says like ... "mom i want a real pig, one that breaths!"
3. for her courageous spirit that speaks loudly there is nothing i cant do! its just in her!
4. for still cuddling with me even though she's not much of a baby anymore, she is still willing to be my baby!
5. her patience is incredible!
6. for being a constant reminder of whats important in life
7. for loving all that she meets unconditionally, seeing past what i can see
8. for eminating her magic - she has oodles of it
9. for sharing a love for san fran with me. home in many ways!
10. and of course for sharing scars with me, a lifetime in a few moments!

this book was given to us by a good friend before i had saylor and it sums up many of our journeys that we have been on for the last 5 years, it sums up where we are headed this year. and is a simple must read lesson on life for everyone that we want to share ...

want to share what you love about saylor? please do! we will save it for her journal!
we also want to thank everyone who is a part of our lives, we cant do this alone!


Heather said...

She is so cute!! I can not belive she is 5 Happy Birthday Saylor!

BIRD&BEAR said...

My favorite saylor moment was the first time we all went to Lake Powell together. It seems like she always wanted to be down in the sand playing and making princess castles. She would crawl around and get tons of thorns stuck in her legs and she would just continue to crawl around and find good rocks for the castle. When one of her castles was all done she asked me if I would like to be one of the princesses in the castle and I told her yes. So we played princess for about a minute and than she smashed the castle and said "uh oh you died" I thought it was so funny.

The Belliston's said...

Happy Birthday Saylor! You are a great example of strength and courage! Thanks for sharing your cute Spirit with everyone!

The Belliston's

The Torgersen's said...

Happy Birthday Saylor!!!!

enizio said...

I think the most classic was the story you told me when she held up a picture of Christ and told you he didn't like what you were doing to her. The total and ultimate of all guilt trips. Ive never laughed so hard!! Shes beautiful!!

Tiff said...

I am pretty much crying! She is such a beautiful girl! I am sure she is probably the happiest little girl to. Happy Birthday Saylor! That was so sweet!!!

The O'Briens said...

Cute Saylor! Where would we even begin to say what we love about her! I don't think I've ever left her not feeling happier and just chuckling about all the funny things she says. We love you! Looks like a fun party. I'm quite proud of you for not getting a "real" pig. But we all know the real reason. Because Saylor said "the mom" would have to clean it's poop! j/k. Love you guys!