family pic

family pic

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

to be tagged or not to be ... that is the question?

ok so the whole tagging thing ... i like to read it cause it lets me get to know my friends and family well. when and if i get tagged i hardly comply, and i cant say that i am even being tagged now .. but my friend kim posted a marriage tag & tagged anyone reading it & married ... is that me? is anyone really even interested anyway? well i guess i will give it a shot ...

marriage tag

what is his name? nate of course!
how long have you been married? 10 years may 27th
how long did we date? do i have to say? only a few weeks before engagement and about 5 months until wedding day.
how old is he? 31 - he will be 32 in october
who eats more? really do we need to even ask this? HIM
who said i love you first? he did
who is taller? well we both are rather short but i am only 5'2 so not too hard to beat
who sings better? this is a toss up! we both have no talent in this area!
who is smarter? hmmmm ME! i know this cause when he spells ANYTHING he needs me! but he knows many many things i dont and when it comes to construction or gospel he is the king!
whose temper is worse? usually him but i can get there when provoked
who does dishes? me
who does laundry? me
who sleeps on the right side of the bed? depends if your facing the bed the right side? me. if your in it the right side ... nate
who cooks dinner? mostly nate ... i hate to cook
who drives when we are together? him if he has anything to say about it
who is more stubborn? him
who is the first to admit their wrong? i am going with kim on this one ... i am never wrong!
whose parents do we see most? mine
who has more friends? well this is a tough one .... most of our friends we share, all his high school friends for the most part he is way close to, and as it turns out their wifes are some of my closest friends ... but i think overall he used to know more people and now i think its about even
who has more siblings? i do ... 3 step sisters, 2 step brothers, 1 brother and a few other step step siblings (my sibs step sibs)
who wears the pants? me i think
who do i tag ... well i guess i am going tag people that i want to know more about ... which is pretty much everyone that i have a link to on my blog!


Kimmy said...

YAY I'm glad you did this! Funny about Nate asking how to spell things. That is so Jay!!

Kimmy said...

Oh ya- I LOVE that picture of you two!! So CUTE!!!

The Fraser's said...

Love it! That picture rocks!!!

the said...

10 years really??? It blows my mind that you guys have been married for ten years. It doesn't feel like it has been that long