family pic

family pic

Monday, April 14, 2008

spring break hiatus in palm springs cali

upon arrival to beautiful palm springs i discovered my dad's midlife crisis car ... he introduced her to me as my inheritance .... for now lets just call her mercedes. my dad was not stingy what so ever with her and both nate and i and the kids spent some time in this beut.

it was really nice to go on hiatus. i was really good and did not do even a stitch of work nor did i answer my phone or get online the whole time .... a true vacation. it was really really hot and we all have a tan. whenever we go to cali we always get needed grocery shopping in at trader joes and do some traditional things. cali is so my second home i love it there!

one of the things saylor remembers from a few years back is the children's museum in rancho mirage. they have a mini pretend grocery store equiped with what other than .... mini carts! all she wanted to do the whole time was push around this just her size cart that easily takes the place of her walker. i am actually thinking about looking into one for her b-day and for real i think i will let her take it to the store with me!

we also went to the zoo in search of pigs to feed saylors appetite ... we didnt find anything more than african warthogs hello pumba! but we did find goats to pet and for a while there saylor had changed her mind but now she is back to wanting a pig. i loved this setting of the giraffs .... a mom, dad, and baby. picturesque!

so i am the worst mom in the world ... what did storie and stock do you would ask ... where are the pics of them? i am so terrible about this i admit. saylor does get most of our attention and most of everything. i am working on this!
storie and stock just swam and played tennis, watched tv drove us nuts, went to the horton movie ... constant energy and happiness

i have been reflecting a lot on the fact that saylor is turning 5 in a few weeks and as she gets older it becomes more obvious and apparant how different she is than her peers. it hurts! bad! more than i thought it would. its very physical! i just also am holding onto that at any given moment she could be taken back home to God .... especially this year with surgeries that are much more serious than what we have been doing, not that any surgery is not serious! i know i pretend to just sail through it with her but i still feel those things i dont talk about.

what did nate do? no pics of that either ... he golfed a lot and for a long time and he got really burnt!

now to what i did well i had my nose in this 1000 page tiny print book most of the weekend ....

still not done but getting close .... it was a slow start for me but now i am LOVING it! and i really need the escape as of right now!

i also drove over to tamarisk a few times. this is where my dream homes all reside. homes that are so me that i would love to own or build. this time i took a few pics. if i thought for one second that i could build this in utah and it would resale and not stick out like a sore thumb .... I WOULD!

along with all the good there is always opposition ... to be honest i am struggling with many things that are really bringing me down! first off i missed my brothers ordination into the melchezidek priesthood (yes i know that is spelled wrong among other words!) i am so proud of you joey! then after much hard work to loose some weight and hardly any cheating on vacation and even working out while i was there i still gained like 4lbs .... my body really sucks! nate was his usual sport aholic self and i want to send him to some sort of AA ..... kids where tough on the drive and driving that far is just tough! lol! house almost sold to the most perfect family in the whole world to buy our house but in the end it didnt. bummer. sis in law heather came into town to surprise me and found me gone .... and oh yeah coming back to reality ... taxes due tomorrow and now the kids are on spring break and home driving me CRAZY! lots of work to come home to as well! oh and we lost our set of keys to the 4runner and our mail key ... and and and and and anyway thats the jist!


Jessie Evans said...

Sounds like a much needed vacation!! I admit, I see your sunny pictures as I'm watching snow flurries out my window at work and I am jealous! I need to convince Jason to take me somewhere sunny and quick before I go crazy.

The O'Briens said...

cute pics. Sounds like a fun trip. I'm glad you guys are back though. I'm still giggling about asking Saylor who will clean the pigs poop if she gets one for her birthday and hearing her say, "the mom will clean it!" (with a "duh Heather" expression on her face). What a cutie! Love your guts.