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family pic

Thursday, April 3, 2008

interesting morning

so not too long ago i took the bed rails kid roll off the bed blocker thingy's off saylor's bed to take pics of her room for listing the house. didnt think those royal blue crib like things were the best selling point. when i was doing it she was watching and asked if we could leave them off and she could be a big girl so i reluctantly said yes. she is for sure old enough but the kid flops and rolls around all night worse than any other kid i have had or know. i think its because her body starts to hurt and she gets uncomfortable, she has never known anything but pain i wonder how she sleeps at all! anyhow about a month has passed and though the first week i barely slept because of the fear that filled me that my precious and fragile already broken angel would fall off her bed she has been fine .... until now. this morning at about 5:30 i heard a thump .... a mothers ears! anyhow i knew instantly almost before it even happened that she had fallen out of bed. i raced into her room and found my angel profusely bleeding from her nose i snatched her up and started screaming for nate. this was not just a simple bloody nose it was BAD! i was panicked that she may have broked her nose and blood was everywhere and pooling into her eyes from me carrying her laying down. it took us a while to get her cleaned up and the blood stopped. my heart is still racing hours later. her nose and lip are pretty swollen but nate is sure its not broken. i feel a little broken myself. she was very brave and strong, calm and always full of high pain tolerance. needless to say (especially for those who know me) she will be back in my bed for a while ... i cant risk my own sleep worrying about her and for sure the bedrails are going back up!

so what does this have to do with kite runner .... well my adrenaline was so intense i knew i wouldnt go back to sleep at 6:30 in the morning so i finished off a movie i started yesterday and have wanted to see for a while. you guessed it "kite runner." i read the book a few months back and found it to be devastating and depressing but real. so i was intrigued by the movie which follows the book pretty closely. so pretty much i have been crying all morning. this movie is about so many things in life that are so real and so intense, forgiveness for both others and yourself, courage, strength, principal, and culture. its a hard to watch film that is really really well done and affects deep and forever.


The O'Briens said...

Poor Saylor! That is so scary. I have a big fear of changing Hallie into a bed because she moves SO much too. Maybe we will just hold off as long as possible! Miss you guys.

Katie said...

Thanks for the kind words. I still can't believe this happened, and so close to home. I think our husbands played softball together with Curtis a few years back. Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks!

The Belliston's said...

Oh! I hope Saylor is okay. That is scary!