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family pic

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

angela .... otherwise known as the other other half

latley i have just felt like there is so much to blog (or journal in my case) about and no time to do it in!

this is angela johnson! she is my bestest friend next to nate so the other other half. not many days have passed us by in the last 10 years that we have not at least talked on the phone, our hubs are pretty use to us always calling each other! this is true sisterhood! we share almost everything! we have been through almost everything (it seems like.) we have had babies with and without each other. we have cried, full on wept, and laughed out loud countless times. we can finish each others sentences and pretty sure we can predict just how the other will respond to something. more importantly we are courage, strength, faith, happiness, and unconditional love!

her birthday was last week and it got me thinking to paying tribute. falling into the footsteps of another friend (sara - who both ang and i know coincidentaly from two very different things) i decided to tell her what i wish we could do for her b-day.

pretty sure the day would not involve no children or husbands for either of us in this stage of life. ok maybe husbands at the very end of the day! it would start off with sleeping in (oh yeah and by the way this is no 24 hour day time stands still for us) of course, next onto some sort of easy to do work out that burns unbelievable calories for how simple it is. then onto a nice hot shower followed by designer clothing that we have always wanted and haircuts and styles by dan the man. then off to the mac counter, where else, for the best faces our faces have ever seen! we would be transformed and we would be leaving the counter with anything we dont already have which isnt much. then a quick copter ride to the grand america for the brunch buffet that on this one day as 0 calories and all the flavor. then to the copter again for a quick flight over to where else but one of ang's fav places .... disney land. we would ride splash mountain over and over i am sure among other things and we would laugh and giggle and play! then to the most amazing spa in the world for the most amazing pedicure in the world (ang doesnt do pedicures but i do and i think she needs too so there you go.) still in LA we would stop in to be contestants on some reality TV game that ang would be way good at and she would win millions of dollars that she would pay off saylor's bills with for life because i already know thats what she would do with it. she would be a star though with loads of money coming in for endorsments. then home i guess to the chef's table for dinner where we suddenly be in formal gowns with dressed up husbands who for no reason other than they love us are romantic. we couldnt go home with going to a movie with ang the movie buff ... not sure what it would be but for sure nate & i would never have even heard of it but it would be good. as unrealistic as this is i could go on and on but i wont, that will just be for this years day out because ang is one year older.

i love you girl! thanks a million times over for an eternal friendship!

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Sara said...

Angie is a cutie for sure! That must be how you met my sister Emily. What a fun day you described...Happy Late Birthday Ang!