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Sunday, May 4, 2008

a bell, horse, monkey, adam & eve

a few things i learned in stake conference this weekend to fill the spirit and lighten the soul ...

many of you might not know that there are many special needs mutual groups for disabled youth and members of the LDS faith. nate has been lucky enough to attend a fireside put on by these special spirits dwelling here on earth and was profoundly affected. there is one non disabled youth for every disabled youth, a buddy per say. these youth are called to this calling like they would be to any other calling. i can only wish that i had, had this experience as a youth to learn the valuable lessons that come from angels here on earth, to grow, to expand my understanding. one such choice young girl in our current ward serves in this calling and shared a beautiful analogy in stake conference that left nate and both crying and also thinking.

two horses born, one blind one healthy. the owner of the horses chooses to elect a less traveled option of keeping the blind horse rather than putting it down. he decides to put a bell around the neck of the seeing horse so that the blind horse might know where to go and when. are we wearing bells? should we be? of course this hits home to some extent because to some degree my own family has been necklaced with bells for 5 years now. but really i think this is much broader than this! we are all wounded at some point unable to lead ourselves, blind for one reason or another, who will lead us then, who is the horse next to us? where are we when someone next to us needs leading? are we quiet as to not serve or do we wear bells? i think my little family will be getting bell necklaces (physical ones) as a reminder of who we should be, very soon!

on a lighter not ... a joke!

mom where does man come from? well sweety man was created by God who put Adam & Eve on the earth, then they had children, and their children had children and so on.

the little girl spends a few days in quiet reflection about this idea and decides to ask her dad ...

dad where does man come from? well long ago there was monkeys on the earth and man evolved from monkeys. hmm she says

the child gets even more confused and goes back to mom and asks
mom why do you say men came from God and dad says men come from monkeys?
thats simple hunny says mom .... i am talking about my family and dad is talking about his!

we are off ... to paradise ... kind of ... if you can call mexico that? maybe we will just stay on the boat! peace out!


The O'Briens said...

That's way cool! What a great thing to think about. Congrats on the feature too! You rock. Have the best trip ever! Love your guts.

Natalie said...

I really do cry every time I catch up with your blog. Happy birthday to Saylor! And I'm sure you won't regret NOT getting her a pig!! And the thing with the bells, sometimes I think kids with special needs are the ones who have the bells calling us back to what is really important. I liked that story alot.