family pic

family pic

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Saylors latest and greatest word of wisdom for you all ...

SAYLOR mom i want to sleep with stockton tonight
MOM no saylor
SAYLOR why mom?
MOM cause talk all night and neither of you will sleep and its a school night
SAYLOR mom changing your mind is a good thing
MOM oh really
SAYLOR yeah i think i will just wait for you to change your mind
MOM i dont think i will
SAYLOR Heavenly Father & Jesus want you to

Next day

SAYLOR mom i want a horn hat
MOM what do you mean?
SAYLOR you know one of those horn hats so i can take it off and talk into it and make me louder so grandpa clair can actually hear me!

this is our silverware drawer this morning. this is unusual. i am a pretty clean person but there are a few drawers i find not worth organizing like this one. why i think cause if i spend a half an hour cleaning it thats 30 min wasted it will look like chaos in no time at all. this drives nate mad, he hates it all just thrown in there, he likes it like this! but its me who has to keep it this way right, so i DONT. last night i was working outside and i sent the kids in to do some jobs. it was stocktons turn to unload the dishwasher. when i come in i find him organizing this drawer with the dishwasher half unloaded. a mini nate! in every sense it seems. he told me how ridiculous he thought the chaos of that drawer was and this almost 7 year old boy got so sick of his moms combogulation that he fixed it himself!

chicken or pig? or both? or just a chicken covered in bacon. i am no cook. not cause i am terribly bad at it, i can hold my own i think but i just flat out dont like it. but DR laura says i should and i know she is right so i have been working hard on this among other things. last night was the first night in which i attempted a while chicken sort of deal. i thought they are cheap, lets see what i can do .... if it turns out good then it will be a cost effective meal (working on finances too!) and so i followed one recipe after searching for the perfect one for hours and hours. after i got all the "inards" out i felt like vommiting and became aware that this alone made it not so worth it. still i had the state of mind to take a pic, perhaps because i really knew it would be years and years before this was ever done again! and this was it just before the oven. besides the fact that it took much longer to cook then it said it would and my poor hungry fam and mostly hub waited forever and that sort of ruined all that i was trying to accomplish it turned out ok, not great ok. thats sort of me right now in every aspect of my life, just ok.


The O'Briens said...

Seriously, you could write a book with all the funny things Saylor says. She is too funny. Way to go on the cooking!

Danielle said...

I am with ya on the cooking thing and Dr Laura's right--my husband likes when I have dinner ready. I can crank some decent stuff out if I make the effort. I don't think it's fun-I don't find the joy in cooking. I find joy in eating though! I did get an awesome set of knives which motivated me for a little while.

John said...

I love the sayings. Avery's reply just barely when I told her she couldn't play the leapster, "Well, then I'm not going to wive here anymore." Did she come up with that one on her own? And I give you points for the chicken. You know Heather, we are similar in the fact that raw meat is DISGUSTING! I have already made it clear that when our mom is no longer with us, I refuse to cook the turkey for thanksgiving! I hear you on the dinner thing. I wish I could make John something he loved every night, but usually the best I can do is provide him with something so that his stomach isn't empty :)

PS This is Natalie

Tiff said...

Holy cow reading about your chicken almost made me barf!!! I have a really hard time cooking chicken - So I feel your pain!!! By the way my drawers will make you feel so much better!!!

Sara said...

What a crack up! I love the funny things kids say...and as for cooking, good for you for making the effort! I have made many attempts at making great dinners, some successes, some failures, so the question is...would you make that bacon/chicken recipe again?


sara - to answer your question ... NO but i may make some sort of variation in hopes that its works out better!