family pic

family pic

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nadia gets baptised and you get to meet some of the fam

Last saturday my brothers girlfriend Nadia got baptised. This was a big event in both of their lives and in mine. i am so excited for nadia and for the increased measure of happiness she will find in the gospel. I adore her and she always makes me laugh and smile, i hope one day she will be part of this crazy every which way fam. More than the increased spirit of baptism affected me, the spirit of my amazing brother left me in immense tears on clouds of happiness! My family is my family ... there are steps, halfs, step steps,in laws and seemingly no relations and all sorts of strange connections but we are family and i refuse to live in a step calling world, there just family. "family" what a powerful word. that being said of all my siblings i am closest to Joey, not that i dont love them all I DO but joey and i have seemed to bond the most in my life. so as i watched this man baptise his girlfriend and then confirm her with a newly restored priesthood filled with the spirit, i cant help but be overjoyed, i could be no prouder and no more amazed at the path this man has chosen and the adversity he has overcome!

this is him!

this is nadia

am i short?

can you see the radiant rays of proudness beaming from my eyes?

the youngest boy in the family, Kade. He recently aquired a fetish for having gray hair ... not certain what this is about or if the kid even sees color the way that it is. so this is his hair after his friend nichole worked on it on two seperate occasions for who knows how many hours and then me spending 4 hours on it last week. at the end he pointed to my oil rubbed bronze door knob and said thats what color i want it, that gray. Hmmmm? non the less i think its pretty gray as it is in this pic!

my sis jess ... the oldest in the fam. you wouldnt know it she looks great! sis eliza is in the background.

this is another sis kully

and last by not least a brother, hayden and his wife sandy who is blurry cause i just couldnt catch her not moving.

what a beautiful day in my life! how grateful i am!


BIRD&BEAR said...

I must admit I am kind of digging Kade's hair!!! It matches his old age. Just kidding but I do think it suits him.

The O'Briens said...

How exciting. K, I barely know Joey and you got me almost crying just reading this post. Hormones or something. That is just so neat! Fun to see some of your fam too! You look amazing and I love that you are smiling :) Love you.

Natalie said...

That is so awesome Audrey. It really is about the joy that becomes a part of their life. People just aren't as at peace without the gospel. I'm so happy for both of them.