family pic

family pic

Friday, May 2, 2008

good things

i have known for a few months now that i would be featured in this months issue of UVM as one of the 5 best made in utah valley. there are 5 categories, food, film, product, book, and of course site. and studio stems is the best site! it was a quiet secret surprise, my parents where first to find it! this is a good thing.
oh and just in case you have never seen this so called best in UV site click here

Saylor is becoming quiet the movie star with several film projects going on in her life, one is kind of a therapy work out video her therapist is making and wanted her cute face in! so this is them above at the park filming during her therapy session. the other is hush but its a church film produced by our stake no biggy but will be really cool and spiritual! more than anything we have always wanted to share her and her magic! good things!

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