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family pic

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and yet ... for real

its early and i have had little to no sleep. sorry for the drunkeness post. i cant help but reflect upon our all night battle with stomach pain after a complete clean out, so bad she was vommiting again. everything deep inside of me says they are wrong, they have got it wrong, they dont know whats wrong with her. but yet they told me it would get worse before better, so is this the worse? and they told me to stick this out several weeks and and hinted sort of at the mood of we dont want to see this until you have given this treatment a real chance. so what is there left for my soul to do but watch her suffer? its a roller coaster of hours of horrificness and well normal hours.

we have decided to keep a very documented journal. and we have also decided to pull her out of school on official medical leave. it became very apparant to me last night that this wont resolve anytime in the next couple of weeks and that school is not an option right now. she has not attended since before the christmas break so she has already missed a week and a half so thats it, getting yanked.


Tiff said...

Audrey I am so sorry. It is the worst to watch our kids suffer and feel like there is nothing we can do about it. I feel like I can't even trust Dr's anymore. Yesterday was one of those days where I through my hands in the air and said what more can this poor child go through. I will email you with more info but in the mean time give Saylor a hug for us and tell her to hang in there. Hopefully answers are coming soon.

kerry said...

I am so frustrated and sad for you and Saylor... Ethan is devistated that she is sick and in the hospital so much. He prays for her every prayer. He's never been so worried about anyone before other than Mase. He prays for her on the top of his snow hill! It's adorable. I am so sorry that you have to watch her suffer like that. I know, there is nothing worse. Let us know what we can do for you guys. Karen knows how to reach us. If she gets lonely Ethan would love to come and keep her company.