family pic

family pic

Thursday, January 15, 2009

music for my cleaning amy

this is my friend amy. She has been a HUGE support to me. but in the most littliest ways, like texting, prayers, and bags of caramels. by little means come great things. i know she cleans to my blog music, i have to admit i really like that someone else thinks i have great taste in music, enough that they clean to it! so i added a few songs to my playlist today .... just for her! love you amy, keep cleaning!

small update. saylor is doing well today. we have had a good 30 hours or so without attacks. not sure what this means. in the past we have had breaks like this here and there only to naievly think we are done when another attack hits. so we are just planning on another one coming and i guess will be pleasantly surprised if it doesnt. she went to school today for an hour. it was strange after a full month off. i suddenly was back in that place of vulnerability for her. she is so small amongst her normal size peers. but for now things are stopped on the roller coaster track. we will see if we really get to get off the ride soon enough i suppose.

stock is scheduled for procedure #1 on the 27th with dr J.


littlefox said...

Thanks audrey! You are the best! I am getting so much done now. I am so glad we can be there for each other during tough times. I love you!

The Torgersen's said...

I like your play list too, it makes me want to just chill for a minute (yeah right, like I get to do that).

Engrained Emotions said...

I'm sitting here listening to your music, (which btw~ i love!) and blog contemplating..... but mostly wishing you a night full of sweet dreams.

Jessie said...

I love editing photos to your blog playlist.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!!