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family pic

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

stocktons PCMC experience

this was just a strange day, so unlike a typical day at PCMC. the only way i can describe it ..... it felt so wrong. i know strange. it felt wrong in such a good way!

last night stock got a blessing from nate and i will share that throughout this ordeal with him we have all been pretty mild and calm. i have not felt much alarm within my motherly instinctive heart and have only had a few moments of thought of panic, but not real panic. stock has also been so calm, and confident. no fear. and his blessing confirmed that the pathway of not normal health is not his to journey to take.

we had a great day, it was kind of more a day of stock and i spending time together alone. there was no crying or fussing or even anxiety. it was just do what you have to. a sort of come what may and love it spirit. all the docs and nurses adored him, thought he was just so handsome and strong looking. i think they found me a bit of an oddity for those that didnt already know me! how strange to have a seemingly unaffected mom in the OR prep environment. a far cry from the last time i was there with saylor! the anesthesiologist let me go with her to the OR with stock and watch her put him to sleep. when we entered the room i knew everyone in there! haha! they all wanted to know how the girls were and especially saylor! then dr Jackson walked in and wanted to know how saylor was. it was all so monty python. then they put him to sleep and i kissed him and left. i barely had enough time to grab a bite to eat, call nate, and spend a few moments entertained by the huge hispanic family taking up half the waiting room all there for one kid, before dr j walked in. he handed me these pics ...

all of the inside of my boy's digestive system and might i say healthy insides. dr j was even pleasantly surprised and expected more damage then he saw. he said things look great. he biopsied anyway and wants the data off the chip but said based on the scope thinks he may be ok with just medicinal treatment but cant say for sure till the data is back etc...

the chip is proving to be a bit more work then i anticipated. i thought it just transmitted data back to them, but noooo it transmits data back to a very pricey machine that is now in my posession that must stay within two feet of him at all times in the next 24 hours that i must, must, must record the data off of every hour. ohhhhhh .... hmmmmm. not what i expected. so no wrestling or skool till this 48 hours is up! otherwise he is doing well! a little vommiting from anesthesia but otherwise doing well.

kind of a funny thing when you know most of the other patients surgeons walking into the waiting area and they all want to know what your doing there! really today has gone rather smoothly. almost too smooth and pleasant. what a tough kid i have! i am really rather confident that he will be just fine!

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Anonymous said...

I have not checked your blog for a while. Shame on me for not keeping in touch with you a little better. You have a lot on your plate it would seem, but you continue to handle it all with your classy, humble, honest & brave style. I will pray for you, and for your little ones who need a bit-o-help from heaven. I can honestly say I don't know how much my prayers are worth these days, but I have this belief that God listens closely when we pray for someone other than ourselves. You hang in there lovely lady. Tell Nate "Hi" for me as well. I will be thinkin' aboutcha.