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family pic

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a curious kind of update

So here it is folks, think (THINK) we have all this craziness worked out ...

so mondays apts went better then i expected but i think i was pretty geared up for the worst. so lets get stocks case out of the way ... dr J explained there are lots and lots of reasons that kids have reflux this bad. most people just think its some sensitivity to acidity in foods but its usually caused by something. something from a food allergy, anatomically incorrect bodily tissue, even cancer. so stock needs a small procedure that will include a more thorough scope, a biopsy, and a transmitter placed to collect valuable data. after about a week or so we will have the results and will be able to determine how to treat his reflux most appropriatly. we think this will take place in the next two weeks, still need to work out some scheduling stuff.

on to saylor. after all this testing the only thing we can conclude is that the part of her small intestine that was operated on is chyme challenged. meaning it doesnt contract and push digestion like it should. the malfunction is causing all sorts of problems and pain. this will require a complete digestive clean out (miserable!) initially and then every weekend there after for several months. and some medication consistency in between. we started clean out last night and sure enough she isnt feeling well and either am i. but if this is what i have to do, then i will do it. i can only pray that they are right and this will cure this problem for her. after some time we will adjust the dosage on the treatments and ween her to see if her bowell will pick back up and start to work the way it should, the way it did prior to surgery.

i feel relieved to have some answers (i think) and have SOME organization to the chaos. now i just need to move onto all the other life things that i have neglected ... thank you for all the prayers, fasting, support, love, and friendship! we still need it!

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littlefox said...

So glad for you guys that you finally have some answers and a plan!