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family pic

Friday, January 30, 2009

stocks biopsy results ...

lets be honest ... nobody wants to say the C word including us! and we kind of havent. we really wanted to keep this situation calm. partly because thats how we felt. stocks results came in today and he is cancer free and also free of the many other things they tested for. he simply has reflux. its not caused by some bigger demon of a problem. so medication is the only thing he needs for now. we do still have to wait for the PH test probe results but because i was the one recording them i already know they were relatively normal so i think we are in the clear.

i feel very grateful for the opportunity to be who i am, and to be the mother of 3 kids who have been called to do so much more than most kids do. i am grateful for this experience and the things it taught me, and what it taught stockton. i can only imagine the priceless ness of it all.

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Ms. Heather said...

Audrey, glad to hear all came out well with Stockton. Enjoying "keeping up" on things via your blog, otherwise we'd be completely out of the loop. Congrats on finishing up your class, if you need any editing help let me know. I'm not too bad at it, if I can say so myself!

Heather Rindy