family pic

family pic

Saturday, October 6, 2007


last night was the big suprise party for nate, 80's themed, great music and dressed up! he's 31! i have been planning for months and successfully pulled it off without him having a clue, despite some close calls! i was careful to plan the surprise uniquely so he wouldnt feel funny. we had sooo much fun! cant beat the music which is what started this whole thing. in the end i burned nate 5 80's themed discs ... love songs, hair bands, dance, party mix, other great 80's songs!

my gorgeous kids all dressed up in RAD t-shirts! for those of you who have not seen RAD and dont get what this t-shirt business has to do with the 80's find the movie and rent it or buy it, you wont be disapointed, its classic good 80's! the song "send me an angel" was made for this movie, what better 80's song than that!

storie loved that we crimped her hair and wondered where i had been hiding this wonderful tool her whole life. saylor aka DEB was just so beautiful! i cant get enough of her! stock the rock was hiper wild and oblivious!

friends becky, devan, and little vi arriving. i have known becky since jr high, kind of a real life flash back girl! jk. devan your pants were great!

our friends barrett and heather arriving, heather was so flash dance and gorgeous! barrett, well lets just say he thought he dressed up but the boys were sure to mention that he didnt!

my trusty assistant and good friend neena, she is an 80's princess and has known about my plans and helped scheme it up months ago! this girl can dance 80's and she can do it with a 4.5 yr old in her arms! thanks neena!

my older brother joey and his girlfriend nadia! hilarious! they were chompin gum and everything!

me and a long time friend jolynn, she had this really great black suede jacket with fringe! i was inpressed that she too held on to the crimper!

a group of most that actually dressed up


Darla said...

LOVE IT! What a good wife you are!

Rebekah said...

I definitely think Joey had the best costume. His mullet was SO hideous, yet fabulous at the same time. Thanks for such a fun night:)

Eliza said...

Well, I just read through your whole family website and caught up on all your blogs. I never understood what a blog was, but I think I'm now beginning to catch on. Slow Slow Slow. I love everything about your family Audrey. You know how to make a life a charming one. I haven't caught on what Holland means yet, but maybe charming has something to do with it, cuz Holland is a charming place, no? Nate's party looks like it was totally awesome fun! Joey and Nadia... haha! Audrey, I am so amazed by how you manage to do so many things so well. I let myself get overwhelmed with just doing the dishes. He He. I love the inspiration you give me to reach for my dreams.

The O'Briens said...

I LOVE IT! It looks like it turned out so good Audrey! We are sad we couldn't make it. I am a little dissapointed to see no curled poufy bangs!! I like that Joey wins the prize. He look hillarious! Miss you guys. You are such a good wife! Happy Birthday Nate.

Megan Bailey said...

The pictures are great! Your family is so cute! looks like it turned out to be a fun party! Hope Nate had a good B-day!