family pic

family pic

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

.... and it continues

tradition finds us reading one of our favorite family books together the night before every surgery (thanks Jolynn! i love you so much and i will never forget!) "oh the places you'll go" dr seuss. the kids love it! saylor also received an incredible blessing from our bishop that was very very powerful! i know that priesthood blessings work and prepare us for things to come. this has been almost the easiest surgery ever! there have always been blessings given with promises but they always make sense and prepare us for the hardships that come with each procedure. this one really has been bliss .... at least what bliss there can be given the circumstances!

have you ever seen a happier child preop? saylor is such a wonder

Saylor a few hours after surgery in the bed and glossed over! nate is the only parental figure in this documentation process, why cause i am behind the camera and if i wasnt i wouldnt be in the pic, i couldnt look worse than i do now!

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