family pic

family pic

Monday, October 22, 2007

sunday morning

they said it would be an early winter .... just cause its already all melted doesnt mean they arent right .... who are they anyway? seriously this got me so excited when i looked at the window sunday morning! timp is still covered and i hope it stays that way and the snow pounds soon! the better use i will get out of my pass, cant wait to hit the slopes!

my dr. seuss tree covered in snow, so magical!

my trusty board just waiting patiently for me!


The O'Briens said...

oh how pretty! This is getting me excited for Christmas! K, do you have your board hanging above your bed??? You are hillarious! You are a die hard! Love you guys.

Natalie said...

Audrey I can't believe how amazing Saylor is. I of course started crying when I read your post. What a brave girl. I like reading your blog!

The Torgersen 5 said...

Hey there, we are living in northern California right now in a town called Chico. My family is here and this where I grew up. I don't know how much longer we'll be here but it's been about 4 years since we moved from Provo and away from all that mess. What a huge relief I must say. We love the area but Terrell's work might take us other places. Right now he is managing a building supply company which has about 14 different locations in California and then about 30 back east near Arkansas, so who knows where we'll end up. Gavin is 6, Leah is 3, and Jack is 8 mos. Seeing the pics of snow make me miss the Utah area and especially the winter weather. Our snow is about 45 minutes away. I'm glad we got in touch because we often wonder how our friends who in Utah that we don't stay in much contact with are doing. Life gets way busy and we aren't the best at keeping in touch. I talk to Ginny Stubb's once and awhile but she's really hard to get a hold of. We have some other distant relatives of Terrell's still there too, but you know how it goes. So you can see why I'm totally excited about the blogspot!! Anyway I hope we can stay in touch with eachother. Your family has really grown up. The last time I saw you was at Aaron's wedding reception and you had just had Saylor. Your kids are half grown already. I looked at your business blog and it looks great. You must have a lot of fun doing that and you're great at it. What's Nate been doing lately besides hunting? Terrell was able to get 2 does with some dep. tags his Dad had for his farm while we visited this past September. He made a TON of jerky out of them. Gavin thought it was fun hunting and shooting but not the gutting and skinning part. Well take care and enjoy the snow!!!