family pic

family pic

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Many of you are awaiting an update from yesterdays events. well let me explain. typically in the past for saylor and for kids 5 and younger (sometimes older than 5 too!) when a cast change post op is needed they do it in the OR under anesthesia for pain, anxiety, and ability to cast well purposes. Dr. Stotts gave us an option this time to do it in his office just on loritab or in the OR. it was up to us ... hard decision to make that involved way to many considerations! we talked a lot about it all week long and she actually wanted and chose to do the office thing instead of going back to the OR. pretty scary though! we talked a lot about being brave the day of. she resisted going for a fit in the morning but we got beyond that and she was fine even on the way up to PCMC and in the doors ... surprise. infact how she handled the whole thing was one great big giant really good surprise for all involved. i gave her the loritab (which she is weened off of entirely all ready so a full dose should have just knocked her flat, but didnt!) on the way up. she was nervous and scared and started to shake when they got the tools out to pop the old casts off but she stayed calm, never cried and only here and there said things like "im scared" or "mom i love you" seriously how amazing is this child!!!! she watched as much as the Dr. would let her before he insisted she lay down so he could be in a better position. he was so amazed he said most kids dont want to look until they are teenagers and even then a lot dont. she was a willing and able participant of her care. she even let me leave her side to take pics now and then! saylor is just undescribable. words dont even go there. we are home happy and healthy unscathed and with a very good experience. not to mention short skinny casts that are stripped like witches tights black and purple! yeah! thanks for all the love, support, and prayers.
casts come off nov 12th!

my sweet angel just before we got started

surgery casts coming off! shaking a little but calm and collected!

Just after we took the top off her casts from last week. ooooh look at the old brown blood drenching the bandages! she is sitting up and watching!

pin in the top of her foot. OUCH! this is a good pic that might show my disapointment in alignment. but in the end wer are shooting more for flat and we can brace the rest. her feet still look a little swollen to me!

here is a pic that shows she really was scared and concerned. i kept telling her its ok to be scared you just have to be brave. she was slightly shaking and trembling through the whole thing but she insisted on seeing as much as she could. her tiny little hands clutched togethere make me weak!

pin in the heal ... ouch! look how tiny tiny those feet are. saylor is 4.5 and she wears and infant size 5-6 shoe. great things come in small packages!

clean ready to be wrapped left foot from saylors view. she still talks about how dr stotts colored on her!

completion of casts from saylor angle on the exam table

minutes after the completion of casting she is smiling brightly and so happy. resilant as ever! i am learning to never underestimate her power! she surprised me everytime!

Late last night when we got home saylor wanted to paint her cute toes ... had to be black like her moms! LOL plus they matched her witch tight looking casts.


Fraser's said...

Yippee Saylor! Super brave! She will be the cutest witch for Halloween! Audrey, you are an inspiration to me. Saylor gets her courage from her mommy. I love you.

Darla said...

Saylor! You are one brave chickie! I love your casts. VERY COOL!

The O'Briens said...

Wow! Those pictures are so great to see since we are so far away. Saylor is such a strong little girl. So brave. She is amazing. We love the casts. Love you guys.

Cindy said...

Those are super cool cast!! Love the color!! Saylor is a very courageous little girl!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate & Audrey,
We saw your families blogspot on Aarons which we got off of my cousins blogspot. We just wanted to say hello and let you know we think of your family and all our friends in Utah. We had some fun times together when we lived there. Your children are gorgeous! They are absolutely adorable. You both have truly been blessed! We don't have a blogspot but we have regular e-mail, We'd love to hear from you and we'll send you some pics of our family. Take care, we hope to hear from you soon.

Love Terrell and Jenni Torgersen