family pic

family pic

Monday, October 8, 2007

old feet, new feet

today begins an inspired photo documentation of saying good bye to good old feet and hello to good new feet, of standing in holy places and expereincing holy things. a documentation of us and what we experience in holland. tomorrow these precious feet will be covered with casts and will never be the same. I remember the first time saylor had serial casting done and how hard it was for me to let doctors change her. i knew what was best for her but it was so hard to let go of the perfect imperfections of my sweet tiny angel. i accepted her that way, i loved her that way! i still struggle today, dont want to erase the scars already worn into our lifes. but you can see in the picture of her walking just how necessary this has become. i pray that this experience within the realm of this whole expereienc will not fall short of how holy its already been.


The O'Briens said...

OH, We love her. We have been praying our guts out. Aaron said things went well? We love you guys. Give our little princess a big love from us!

Cindy said...

That is the most touching blog post I have ever read!! Just think of all the wonderful places Saylor's "good new feet" will take her!! She is very blessed to have a mom like you that can see the good in everything and love her unconditionally.