family pic

family pic

Thursday, March 13, 2008

lucky ducky

its almost here ... pantywaist & co launch party! SAT MARCH 15TH 10-3 @ NOAHS IN LINDON!

life comes at you fast be ready with great products! all you friends and family that stalk my blog you better be there with you all your friends and if you want me to smile big blog about it so we can get as many people aware of our products as possible. i am really excited for you to all see the amazing crib sets & grocery cart covers, as well as the hardware just a few of our amazing products oh and the baby legs! woohoooo!

email me with any questions .... c-u there!

oh and the whole duck thing ... ok so the first 24 people to place an order will get a duck out of the bucket, if they are lucky their ducky will have a discount on it for their order! yeah!

not to mention the talents of darla roze photography & pink piggy designs will be present!

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The Belliston's said...

I sent out a bunch of invites and hope to make it tomorrow. It's a crazy day, but I'll try! Good luck!