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family pic

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a FEW of my favorite THINGS!

the best hair product in the whole world ... and i am more familiar with hair product than the average woman. i love this stuff. if you cant get your hair to have volumn or poof or you just cant get it to do what you want you need this product. backcombing is the way of the past. if you want some let me know i can pick you some up on my license and sell it to you for about $12 a bottle. and i will show you how too!

Mac makeup is what i use almost exclusively these days. some of you might not know that i am a macpro .... not cause i am dang good at makeup but mostly cause i have a cosmo license! yeah ... cause i cant get enough of this stuff!

i really like my IPOD especially on days like today and for boarding and for just everything its so handy. i love music so much who knew that one day it could be simply and weightlessly attached to me at all times ....

forum 38 is one of my all time favorite things ... this year may have been the best boarding powder year of my life! yahoooooo!

yes i am one of those mac people

this is one of my fav mags to indulge myself with. its very my style! you wouldnt know it if you have been to my house ... our current house is more about nate and making nates style look great! and it does, i love it! its beautiful its just not quiet me ....

SUSHI yummmm! particularly at Happy Sumo! i would recommend .... vegas, surf n turf, rock n roll, playboy, buffalo (for the weak)oh and so many more!

I loved this movie ... loved loved loved it!

I know this is a weird one ... i like notebooks, particularly cute ones! i have lots of them with no writing in them! you can never have enough!

when it comes to lotion .... bath n body's jap cherry blossom is my all time fav! or anything almost grapefruit scented

This is my fav perfume at the moment .... love it! light blue dolce & gabana or is it cabana? who cares!

what are some of your favorite things?


The Belliston's said...

I want to hear more about this hairspray...

The Fraser's said...

Audrey, in the 7 + years i have known you, you are constantly outdoing yourself. I have read the past few blog enteries and you are amazing! I want to be just like you when I grow up! Love ya!