family pic

family pic

Friday, March 7, 2008

storie's baptism

lets start with the hair ... oh the hair! the kind that gives both mom and child a headache but is worth it on this special day. we talked about how it looks like a crown and the symbolism of that while we did it. leave it to me to turn hair time into spiritual time!

its obvious that steve andersen is the man! the girls in our ward love him like a dad, especially storie she loves to have handstand or screaming wars with the andersens. she is, we are very close to them!

my two sweet girls and of course storie primping stockton making sure he looks proper, a typical role for an older sister .... take a look at his face!

how grateful i am that nate lives worthy enough to perform priesthood ordinances for our children. he amazes me, i am so grateful for his ways of life.

in the end my reflection of this day is of a beautiful and very spiritual daughter of god walking down a hallway in a white dress.


The O'Briens said...

I've been checking for pictures. How sweet. What a special day. She looks beautiful. So sad we couldn't be there.

Heather said...

she is SOOO CUTE!! i can't believe she is that old. Congrats and she looks beautiful. Also, our blog is

you have some other Fitch family. Hope all is well and tell Nate I say hello