family pic

family pic

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

paying tribute through my art for old fart who wanted pee weed!

I am fortunate enough to actually be able to do something with myself for the passing of a loved one. its very theraputic and i feel blessed to have the priviledge of creating art in tribute. old fart (what we call the dead man) and i had the opportunity a few weeks ago to discuss his funeral flowers. he told me only a few things, he said pee weed will do just fine, and make it traditional. i was like what the heck is pee weed and he just laughed and told me "ah hell audie just make it beautiful." so there is no casket piece because his children want only the flag and all his medals adorning the top of the casket so the big white spray is for behind the casket to dress it up. its as close to pee weed as i could get ... carnations and a few other fluffs. the urn arrangement is more something i created in a traditional format that may look like something his wife would enjoy and appreciate. i am glad they are together again.


Jessie Evans said...

You always do such a beautiful job at everything!! And thanks for your input on my blog... I'm a huge David Cook fan too!

Cyndi said...

Thats so funny! is'nt it funny all the different tastes people have...why can't everyone just love what I love!? I told russ, my dying wish is no stargazer lillys at my funeral or I will haunt you from the grave for the rest of your life!.....sorry to any one who likes them! they are so tempermental!:)

The O'Briens said...

They look beautiful Audrey! You have such a talent and a way of showing your love! Good luck with the funeral and all. Love you.