family pic

family pic

Saturday, March 8, 2008

donkey baseball & 2nd place

what the ..... yeah thats what i thought. so this weekend stock had a wrestling tournament in spanish fork and nate was on a campout with the scouts so that left me and the girls. anxiety rush! i asked my bestest friend angi if we could stay at her house in spanish because stock had to wrestle friday night and saturday. she also watched the girls for me which was just an answer to more than just my prayers! friday night was the folkstyle portion of the tourni & stockton was put in a round robin bracket of 5 matches .... this is good he needs the mat time and experience but it landed us there until a little past 11. the first match was against merryweather ... the son of a kid i grew up with, this kid was tough and has been wrestling a few years, stock got wooped and didnt score any points. dido on the 2nd and 3rd matches. then the 4th and 5th came and even though the kids still lost the matches he started to fight and score points, something clicked and he got tough! i was so proud of him, all i really wanted was for him to try his hardest and he finally was. while bleacher sitting and match waiting the old grandpa behind me told me about donkey baseball, every player has a donkey they can ride them or drag them a long but either way they have to keep their donkey with them. the donkeys are specially trained to not let their player touch bases or a ball, so as you can imagine quiet hilarious! this is now on my list of things to see and do someday! that night was one of the sweetest nights of all my memories of times alone with stockton, everyone was already asleep so stockton and i jumped in one of the blowup beds waiting for us to settle in for the nigh and just talked ... we talked for a while. it was beautiful and i loved every second. then came sat morning freestyle and double elimination. first round stock got a bye, in the end this was great. 2nd round he didnt score any points and got wooped. his coach talked long and hard with him, so did i. then 3rd round came and he was matched up against the merryweather kid that was ultra tough. suddenly he was a different kid. scoring 11 points in the first round, and 6 in the second for a match win, i didnt even know it was my son, i was so excited i started to cry ... oh yeah i was that proud! he was soooo tough! he wrestled so hard and became the tough kid i know he is! it was so cool. he took second in his bracket of about 35 kids. great weekend!


The O'Briens said...

WAY TO GO STOCKTON! YOU ROCK! You are so cute Audrey. And p.s. you always meet the most random interesting people! ha ha. Love the stories.

Cyndi said...

Hello! O'Briens! it's good to see your family! we miss the good ol' softball days!

Sara said...

What a great weekend you had with your kids! I love that you find sybolism in small things and that you are so tender hearted!