family pic

family pic

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

unwanted vibrating body massage

k so anyone want one? go to sundance, the snow is rock hard! try on a board and head down the slopes, medium speed will do and you will feel the vibration!

hit two runs today and headed back home. havent been up in a few weeks either i have been too busy or sick. so thought i would do a condition check today and i was sorely disapointed. things are just going that way for me this week, murphys law i guess!

my moms pantywaist show is coming up this saturday and you all should come! noahs 10am - 3 pm anytime! i was in charge of hosting packages and mailing out invites, that darn murphys law keeps following me around and wouldnt send my postcards through the post office! makes me so darn mad!

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Tiffany said...

I am so glad for the world of blogging it really does keep everyone in touch! Your kids and house are adorable! You are very talented with flowers f.y.i gorgeous!