family pic

family pic

Sunday, October 5, 2008


So much to blog about ... so little time. a lot seems to happen in short amountS of time and then i get a pile up ... what is that about? in short a few of the things going on ...

1. my last remaining grandparent my grandma murph died on oct 2 in the evening*
2. i have been spiritually fed over a long weekend of words from the leaders of the faith i believe in
3. our family visited the cabin for this long weekend where it rained non stop and we played in the mud!
4. i know your waiting for another halloween craft installment and it will be my last for this spooktacular year! when it finally does come that is!*
5. a saylor update as always*
6. oh the woes of amazon and its relation to blog advertising that i usually do not believe in but will explain at a later date*
7. a follow up on gifts that are oh so cool for this blog post*

*anything with a star you will eventually hear about but for now this post is about this man & his favorite number and this long anticipated year!

for those of you who dont know who this is .... nate ... the hub in shining armor ... ok not armor Y parafanela and napoleon glasses.

so the big man turns 32 tomorrow. 32 is his number, lucky & sport related number of all time. if it could be retired it would and perhaps when he turns 33 we will have a retirement party at our home. so this is his year right? the year he has waited for all his life? his number, his luck. what does he want? not much he is a pretty simple dude. what i know is that i am so in love with him, he makes me so happy and is just so genuinly a good guy! over the last few months i have really come to realize as i see some other relationships of married folk in my life become clearer how grateful i am that nate loves me, that he wants to be with me, that he is faithful, that he loves our children, that he will work harder than anyone i know to keep us kept, that he will support me and all that comes with me, that he holds the priesthood and honors it, that he still lives like a boy most of the time, that he still plays football, that he is so passionate about the important things in life and that those things are really what should be important in life.

so i know you all want me to finish up the glasses story and so since this was his birthday post he has honored you all with a pic of these said glasses, his gift to you for his birthday!

so a few years back nate's glasses broke. we have not gotten another pair since, he is blind as a bat. so you may be wondering how we could have possibly gone on this long without glasses? well ... he doesnt really wear them. he wears contacts 90% of the time or at least until the glasses broke then he wore them 99% of the time. he takes them out late at night if at all (most of the time i have to play mom and kick him out of bed to get it done so he wont be kicking himself in the morning.) so he is only blind as a bat in the night and what does that matter because he is not a bat so he has no need to be nocturnal. it simply has just been an inconvenience to remidy the problem. well when the demand of saylor's cathing schedule came crashing down i realized i couldnt nor wouldnt do this on my own. it took a few weeks to find time in his busy schedule to get this inconvenience taken care of. well this really did come at at a financially inconvenient time, seeing that medical bills or raining down us, the economy is crashing and both of our incomes have decreased a bit. we are working hard on a strict budget that allows us a safety net and conserves much more then we have been as well as pays of debt (a much needed thing for us to do and mostly medical) so the exam itself is a bit pricey in my opinion even at good old wallyworld so nate decided he didnt want to for any reason pick out frames on his own. i was ticked off! i just wanted this thing done so i could get some night time help. so a few days later we meandered back as i forced a window of time in our schedules, we realized that frames are darn $$$ too! even at wallyworld! at least they are right now in our current financial state. so the kind young man working the area suggested we get the $18 pair and we tried them on and they seemed fitting given the circumstances ... comical in every way. so these are them. all i can say is takes a strong man to be confident in himself to not care what he looks like, to laugh at himself with himself, to wear these buggers to church on sunday, to enjoy every last $18 worth of them! is he strong enough to be my man? yes and then some!



The O'Briens said...

LOVE IT! Happy Birthday Nate!!!Sweetest picture ever. That may just be framed in our house so Hallie and Peyton won't forget their Uncle Napolean. We miss you guys.

josh and summer said...

Hey Audrey- not sure if you remember me, but I came across your blog and wanted to say "hi". Congrats to you and Nate and your 10 yrs, of marriage. That is awesome!! It sounds like you are just as strong and amazing as ever. Good for you guys!!

Summer Rainer Davies

Davina said...

That's hilarious! You are awesome, Nate. And Audrey...what funny writing.

Davina said...

Oh! and I just posted our last shoot on my blog...happy birthday! :)

Amber Schmidt said...

Happy Birthday Nate!!! I don't "know" you from Adam but still wishing you an amazing 32nd year!