family pic

family pic

Thursday, October 9, 2008

davina fear

Davina Fear has posted another post on saylor on her blog. so check it out here.

i thought this may be a good moment to express my thoughts about davina. Davina, she is the most uniquely beautiful person i have ever met. admiration runs deep and even deeper runs much gratitude for her generosity in our lives. she is uniquely beautiful physically and you only have to meet her, no wait even seeing a picture shows how she embraces herself physically and how self worth emenates from her ... let me honor you with a pic now!

next davina uses the word love in most if not all of her blog posts .... love is something that does not scare her! she wears it on the outside, you can see it, you can feel it, she uses it to her maximum potential, this is uniquely lovely.

Davina has a unique taste of style in about everything you can have style in, its inspiring and eccentric. it makes me want to be her, to think like her for just a moment so that my creative mind can be filled to capacity with ingenious thoughts!

something apparantly obviously unique, her name! its speaks every uniqueness that she is in the breath it takes to say it!

Davina obviously has talent, but she is not just a great photog, she is a unique photog. there are non like her, very wide gaps in fact. she is art, she is expression, she is emotion captured in a shutter, she is raw real amazing unique talent. enjoy a few from her posts here ...

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Davina said...

Audrey, I came here to check up on Saylor and was totally surprised to see this very touching post about me. You are too kind. I'm so grateful to you on so many levels. Your life has changed mine. Thank you!