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family pic

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pirates of the caribean style halloween

oh i have mucho lot to write about! but before its toooo late i wanted to squeeze in a last halloween decor installment. this actually was our favorite project and the one that gets the most attention from residents and visitors alike. so i bought a small "bag o bones" at michaels for about $10. it came with all that you see as far as quantity. i am sure they are readily available anywhere that has hallo deco. and perhaps is even cheaper right now. buy a craft bag o sand and a little glitter courtesy of martha! make sure if its not martha kind that its very fine in texture. we bought the greenish like glitter. mix a couple of bowls of sand/glitter with varying ratios, get out the good old modge podge and start painting those bones and then just pour what mix you so choose over it and then replenish extras back into the bowl. now you have a carribean style bone. a wealthy one for sure. cake platters, and old boxes with lids make good display items, we put craft sand at the base of our cake stand and also a little moss to earthify it. like i said, this was our fave we give it *****


Amber Schmidt said...

you are so martha!!! LOVE IT! I was walking through Michaels trying to find something "martha" that I wanted and cursing her for always having every supply she needs without a trip to THREE stores to find it!!! LOL

Kimmy said...

Oh we are totally going to do this one! My girls would love it!! You are so crafty and creative!! So talented!