family pic

family pic

Monday, October 6, 2008

a picture speaks how many words?

picture courtesy of audrey obrien and her magical photography talent but the real magic came from dustin a good friend who edited/photshoped this puppy and some others for me!

so this was nate's b-day present. in staying with the budget it cost about $1.50 for the enlargement and used a frame i already had to frame it. its pretty special actually but first look at it like a piece of art ... the depth the size of nate and the size of saylor, the hands, the symbolism. make of it what you will all that stuff for ourselves we will keep to ourselves.

so a few years back nate just once mentioned to me how rare it was that he was in any pics with saylor. how most of the photojournalism has more to do with mom and daughter. we get most of the attention it is so true! this made me sad because we do this together ... all of us. not just me, not just nate & i, but all 5 of us! i got this amazing picture that says with no words what i cant even begin to eloquently enough speak about what nate is to us, as a family, as a special family if that is what we are, i havent found a good explanation yet, but i know we are different ....this was a prime gift!

this other pic really melted my heart as well

Saylor has had many many visitors this last go around. it was really nice it really did get us through a long stay at PCMC. a few days after surgery she really wanted storie and stock so we called my mom to bring them to us, she did of course. and they came. this pic says it all about my kids. here are my two strengths so willingly giving their lives and service to their sister, sacraficing their parents much of the time! what amazing kids i have. so balanced, so strong, so spiritual, so faithful, so smart, so wise. so many things! here they are supporting her in yet another priceless moment caught in shutter. people came and went but when it was time for the kids to leave saylor lost it, she wanted them to stay, she begged, she pleaded, and she cried. i will never forget the thickness of love in the air that night!

while we are on the topic ... an update i suppose. saylor continues to do well we are adjusting to all the changes. things are going a little more smooth every day not to say we dont have our off days, we do! it looks like we are now just waiting until spring/summer to finish up this bladder thing, what may happen in between really only the almighty knows! she has outgrown her braces, this set has lasted 9 months! longest ever. not cause she outgrows them but because she wears them out. she still wears a baby/toddler size 5! so a visit to shriners will occure next week, should be adventurous!


Kimmy said...

Such sweet pictures! Your family is so special. Tell Nate Happy Bday!

The Torgersen's said...

I'm so glad you share all that stuff with us, it really means a lot to be able to read and feel it at the same time. Audrey you are sooo sooo talented with some many things and your write beautifully, I am touched every time. Love ya!

Davina said...

Audrey, I love the way you write. What sweet pictures. I miss you all.

Amber Schmidt said...

Amazing how our children can give and LOVE so freely... without thought or prejudice... I watch my two boys and how much they understand about Ky and they too amaze me.

Hugs to you and the fam!