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family pic

Sunday, October 19, 2008

timeless gifts & blessings

"you know there are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when you depart this world: children & art" marie

a few unexpected priceless gifts left to me by my grandmother ....

A classic non the less! jane eyre, 1943 random house printing with nothing less then the true art of writing within it! a several amazing wood etchings!

this time magazine was actually aquired through a trunk of my fathers being stored at my grandmothers so i suppose its really handed down from my dad. its march 13th, 1972 edition and in case you cant read its cover illustrates uncle sam and the headliner "is the U.S. going broke?" hmmmm. interesting. 36 years later i think its safe to say that we have cycled back to this exact issue. in its pages are articles that describe perfectly the state of our economy today.

in this said trunk i also found writings of my baby blessing. its my understanding that my grandfather blessed me, my mothers father. i suppose of all my grandparents i was closest to him. so its very dear to me to have in my physical hand spiritual words that his priesthood keys offered me. then to have the writings of my own father as he heard the blessing. knowing that he had the faith and tuneness to script these rich blessings. how grateful i am for the fathers in my life, how rich i am! this could not have come at a pertinent time in my life as i seek answers to life changing decisions. my grandmother passed a time that leads me through a new door in life and no doubt my all mighty father had a hand in the timing of it all!

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Amber Schmidt said...

ooooh... I love that quote! I think that I may just achieve both!