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family pic

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have been booed ... meaning some sort of spooky halloween tag. one of my most spiritual friends booed me, thanks jen! and though i feel like i have several very important things to blog about (which i cant blog about because i cant muster up the energy to eloquently convey how deep and extravagantly important they are so i just avoid it all together but have the best intentions to blog about them all!) i am going to participate in this tag! the other cool thing ... I actually got tagged, i dont get tagged much. not sure why? maybe because the few times i have i havent really participated, or is it that know one wants to know about my life. either way i am cool with it all. so here it goes .... you know the drill!

What was your favorite costume you wore as a kid?
hmmmmm. well i think it was the year that my mom made the most authentic snow white costume in the whole world. i thought it was better then snow white's herself! its was magical and may actually be when i fell in love with dark hair. not sure of my age on this one somewhere between 7-10. i do remember a really snotty girl in my neighborhood who pretended she was my friend, she got jealous and made her mom make her a snow white costume, of course it wasnt half as good as my moms, but its the principal of the thing. at my house she is she who must not be named ..... spooky!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?
jen i am going to duplicate you on this one, has to be candy corn or those little squeeshy pumkins that are just the same as candy corn in a slightly bigger dose!

Do you have a Halloween tradition?
well i dont know, do i? all i know is this THIS is my fav holiday! cant explain it, but love love love it. better then christmas some days! traditions are that we decor! and we do it together! and we do it fun. then we make cupcakes ... out of anything at all. i cook lost of pumpkin this and that all season long and plan unique non store bought costumes for my kiddos! and most importantly the name of the game .... fun fun fun!

Have you ever played a trick instead of giving a treat?
no not really, but nate on the other hand has, many of them, too many of them. like in highschool when he and his friends put a deer head in the front seat of a girls car on halloween. not nice stuff.

I Boo (at least three people): hmmmmm..... who will do it? and who reads this blog anyhow? hard to say hard to say. perhaps kim, debbie, & tiff K

sometime soon a blog about .... college, lost cabin/4wheeler keys, economic topics, some really amazing quotes, something spiritual, some really great music and amazing movies, and a few others! what do you rare blog readers want to hear about anyhow? give me some dang input! maybe it will motivate me to post like ... every day perhaps?

*for those of you seeking an update on saylor ... you may have noticed our lives have sort of moved on. as they should! we are happy, healthy and functioning. perhaps not entirely how a normal fam functions but it simply comes down to things are as convenient as they inconveniently can be for the time until the time comes for more surgery. you would never know by looking at her that she has undergone so much so recently. she is back to her pretty normal self! cute as a button .... or an angel i think! but its important to me to live life, for her to live life and not to live Spina bifida.


Engrained Emotions said...

What to say...i love to read your post. Not sure if the Debbie you listed is me, but I will do this tagg. I don't ever get tagged either. Weird!

So check out the blogggg...

Amber Schmidt said...

Hugs to you dear. Moving on is absolutely beautiful! I hope to one day post this on my own blog!!!