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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

eggs & legislatures

so my experience yesterday left me more than a little frustrated with our government. i wont get into all the details but i have spent much of my day thinking about how i can make what feels like a negative experience and waste of my time positive and valuable. this is what i have come up with. another mom who testified on behalf of the same bill i did, brought with her a raw egg for an analogy. i really amazing analogy that was so simple but so easy for people to get .... it goes something a little like this.

having a disabled child is a little like carrying a raw egg around with you, not just with you but in your hand. try it. its hard. everything takes a little longer, and you must be a little more careful and if your egg cracks you must emergencize the situation. sometimes fluid leaks out and you are left with a mess to clean up. but your just like everyone else you have to do what everyone else does its just harder. getting the waiver funding that we need to get medicaid for these families that make to much to qualify otherwise is like giving them a carton to carry the egg around in, a protector. still have to carry the egg around but, it becomes a little easier with adequate help.

need i say anymore, there really was no better way to explain. i wish i could make them all carry around an egg through the whole period of political decision making to remind them that i carry around saylor all day every day for her whole life.

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The O'Briens said...

That is such a good analogy! Seriously. Sounds so simple and easier to understand. I'm sorry you left frustrated! Congrats to you for doing your part! You ROCK! love you.