family pic

family pic

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

priceless time ....

last saturday i went to visit my grandpa with my two girls, he is one of only two grandparents i have left living (and i have a lot with a divorced family,) if you can call what he is doing living. his time is short and his body is full of cancer. he has mesothelioma ... you know the kind of cancer from those law commercials about asbetos. you never thought you would know someone who actually had that right. i suppose its time for his weak frail light body to head home. i also suppose i am as ready for that as i ever will be. i am closest to him of all my grandparents, even more so than ones i lived nextdoor to. i can explain it but i wont, the bond is deep and just there! i admire this man more than words can tell. my time with him is priceless! we cried together while my girls played in the other room, he shared with me private inspirations he has about me, my husband, and kids and we talked about time and life and perspective. i love him! i really really love him.

This picture and moment will rank among the top of my life .... i love the look on saylors face that she creates from whatever this wise soul his telling her!

Storie spent some special time with grandpa great and talked about baptism. he gave her one of the last rock wired jewels he has done. it was hard and emotional for me. i loved this picture of them together and that above them on the wall is a family picture of my grandparents with all their children when they were small. my mom is the smallest and youngest in the picture.

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